Black sheath dress: how to match an evergreen

The little black dress is one of the most versatile and iconic garments a woman can own: find out how to match this timeless trend, from shoes to bags to jewelry.

Today we talk about another fashion evergreen: the little black dress. Perfect for any occasion, versatile and feminine.

The sheath dress is an established icon in the fashion world and for those who do not know, it was invented by a woman: the unique and inimitable Coco Chanel. The name that the designer had given the dress was “petit robe noire”, in the States in fact the little black dress is none other than the famous “little black dress.”

Since it was born, the sheath dress has become history: from the iconic appearance on Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” to the survey of the British magazine Daily Mail from which it resulted that 75% of women surveyed consider the little black dress the most important garment in the history of clothing.

When the cold weather arrives it is difficult to wear the sheath dress alone, especially in the evening. The solution is to combine it with shrugs and tights.

What to wear over the sheath dress depends mainly on the occasion: if you have to wear the little black dress for work in the winter you can combine it with a cardigan that keeps you warm.

If the occasion requires a little more elegance such as business appointments or lunches the blazer is a great idea, then you can match the blazer with accessories such as flashy necklaces to give a more refined look.

The ideal color for both cardigan and blazer is pearl grey: it stands out from black and does not distort the elegance of the little black dress.

If the occasion is evening and therefore more elegant, you can use lace: shrugs or pashminas in primis. The sheath dress is also well matched with an elegant jacket that can also be ruby red or ivory.

Although fashion would like the sheath dress to be worn without socks, during the coldest months of the year you just can not resist the cold. We can therefore resort to a pair of tights. Many use flesh-colored tights to camouflage the effect a bit. What you get, however, is the opposite result: the flesh-colored tights create the effect of “grandmother” and are really ugly to see, 100% unsightly! Another type of tights that should not be combined with the little black dress are the super opaque or even colored tights.

Opt for sheer black stockings, so as to enhance both your legs and the dress.

With the black sheath dress you can indulge in gold: it is in fact a bright color that brings out a lot of black and will give you a touch of class.

So yes to necklaces, watches, bracelets, rings and golden earrings: in addition to giving light to your face they will make you look immediately more chic and elegant.

Obviously try to calibrate the accessories: if the necklace is very flashy wear simple earrings and vice versa.

For women who want to be even more sophisticated and classy, the white pearl necklace is perfect and reminds us of Audrey Hepburn’s look in the ’60s.

As for the bag, the little black dress proved to look good with any kind of bag! From multicolor bags, to leather ones, to the brown satchel: any handbag will look good with the sheath dress depending always on the occasion and especially on the other accessories.

If the occasion is elegant, by choosing black pumps you will be on the safe side, especially if in patent leather.

For the summer, if the dress is more casual, you can choose black sandals to not play down the effect of the dress too much, in this case stilettos: sandals with large heels would tend to age your look.

In recent years, red shoes have depopulated, becoming very elegant and refined: high-heeled shoes in red patent leather will perfectly match your sheath dress.

Those who use the little black dress for the day or for work will prefer to match it with ankle boots, while those who are more rock can choose lace up heels and add a leather jacket to complete the look.

In winter, yes to the sheath dress with knee-high boots with or without heels.

In short, the little black dress is one of the most classic and at the same time versatile garments: adaptable according to the season, the occasion and especially to your personality and your mood.