Caco design, fashion accessories in plexiglass

Introducing CACO DESIGN SRL, which was founded in October 2009 by Giuliana Archetti and Chiara Allegri, two great friends and mothers of two children of the same age, Camilla (Cami) and Niccolo’ (Cocò).

From the combination of Cami and Cocò was born CACO DESIGN.

CACO DESIGN SRL is a brand in which objects come to life as bright plexiglass jewels with color and size variations that chase the distinctive graphic leitmotif.

A couple of delightful characters, two stylized children who chase each other on accessories, jewelry, bags, belts, furniture accessories.

Even the containers are very cute, in transparent rectangular plastic so you can immediately find the object without having to open them.

The logo is imprinted in gold color.

Here is a bracelet with charms girl, boy, heart and bells in plexiglas, adjustable cord in purple alcantara as the charms, snap hook closure (nickel free).

In bright green color a Mesh Bracelet with Magnet closure by Cami Coco.

The structure is made of soft PVC Mesh and contrasting colored microcrystals on the inside.

The closure is a magnet, just bring the two ends of the rods together and they will stick.

Caco Design not only deals with bracelets but also necklaces, pendants, earrings, diffusers, necklaces that you can see on their extensive catalog accompanied by excellent photos. Hu4me: bracelets with which to embrace the world

Hu4me, the bracelets with which to embrace the world, handmade by designer Serena. Embracing, cuddling and embracing others is the intent and purpose of the design of Hu4me bracelets, entirely made in Italy, produced in soft stretch fabric that brighten and enliven our lives.

Made by the designer Serena, and surrounded by all the people who support her. Hu4me means “hug humanity for me”. The designer and the choice of materials comes from the need to bring a smile and sunny colors in the world.

In Winter the Fall-Winter Collection, is enriched with cashmere bracelets..While in Summer, Spring-Summer Collection, are made of cotton to better breathe.