Chemisier: spring/summer 2021 trends

Chemisier: discover this timeless garment, from Marie Antoinette to spring/summer 2021 trends, passing through Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy.

The chemisier dress comes from a male garment reworked on the shape of the female body.

The chemisier is a mix between sporty and elegant: it is practically a mix between a man’s shirt and a woman’s skirt: in fact, it is also called “the shirt dress”.

Marie Antoinette wore the chemisier in her spare time: hers was made of white cotton and had a masculine cut.

At the end of the nineteenth century the shirt dress reappeared as a short nightgown with long sleeves to be worn also during the morning.

In 1905 it is the designer Paul Poiret who leaves the high waist and narrow shapes that were fashionable at that time to launch a wide and lower waist garment that was comfortable to wear.

As it happened for many garments to give a definitive push to the chemisier was Coco Chanel that in the ’20s proposes jersey suits and shirts designed specifically for working women that then become the first real chemisier.

After a period in which shirt dresses disappeared, they returned in the 50s with Dior and Balenciaga who began to experiment and customize the garment according to personal tastes and creativity. Like any elegant garment they were launched especially by style icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy.

In the 60’s Dior and Givenchy overturned the garment by eliminating the waist belt and buttons. From this moment on, each designer began to radically modify the dress, thus creating the many variations that we see or wear today!

The dress is more sporty than elegant: it may not be suitable for formal situations but more for casual occasions.

For the office or for occasions that require a certain type of dress code, prefer the long chemisier, if it is too short it may look like you are simply wearing a long shirt.

In the traditional version, the dress should have buttons up to the end of the skirt and should be enriched with a belt at the waist. Over the years, like all trends, it has undergone many variations and changes and at the moment there are chemises of all varieties.

This type of dress is very versatile and can be worn with any type of shoe: from the sneaker, the flat ballerina, the wedge, the high heel! For the summer season to match the chemisier are also perfect sandals.

From the high fashion runways we find the trends regarding the chemisier for this spring/summer 2021.

Alberta Ferretti proposes a light brown chemisier, her collection for this season is inspired by the desert and safari and this is reflected a lot in the clothes.

The dress is long and falls soft on the figure, at the waist a gold-colored cord belt, under the chemisier a sand-colored lace bustier. Matched with the dress brown flat sandals: a perfect look for the summer thanks also to the presence of gold accessories.

Completely different is the proposal of Roberto Cavalli who brings on the catwalk a chemisier in aged pink denim. In this case the dress is short and tight, it falls soft only on the sleeves that are worn wide and rolled up (male cut).

At the waist a wide white belt. As accessories high python shoes and matching bucket bag.

Dolce e Gabbana opts for a total black lace with gold details. Fabric and embossed pockets, collar and sleeves. This dress also has buttons on the entire length. The effect is nude and can be worn with a bandeau bra and stockings, bodysuit or with high-waisted, opaque panties.

J. JS Lee brings to the runway a long dress with short shorts on one side and long skirt pants on the other. The dress is pink, basic and particular at the same time. The upper part is that of a normal shirt, the peculiarity lies in the skirt, longer on one side and shorter on the other: a difference in height that can also be seen on the waist, higher on one side and lower on the other. The slit lets out a leg, at the feet of white sandals but in this case the dress is easily combinable.