Did You Just Buy The Perfect Dress For This Evening? Here’s Why You Can’t Wear It

If you’re in the habit of immediately wearing a newly purchased dress, know that you shouldn’t! Experts warn us about the risks to our health.

This could be the typical scene upon returning from a hard and fruitful afternoon of shopping: we finally found it! It was hard but we did it. It’s the perfect dress for this evening! We’ve got the shoes, we’ve got the bag, so all we have to do is run and get ready.

But there is a but… we can not wear it?

That’s what two experts Donald Belsito, professor of dermatology at Columbia University and Lana Hogue, a manufacturing expert who teaches at Garment Industry 411 and – to be honest – even common sense suggests it.

But why can’t we wear a newly purchased garment right away? Let’s find out together.

Usually there is the mistaken belief that a dress with the tag still attached is ready to be worn. Nothing could be more wrong! Do you have any idea of the amount of germs and bacteria that lurk in the fibers of clothes? Not to mention the chemicals in the fabrics that, in contact with the skin, cause very annoying itchy rashes that affect allergy sufferers and not!

That’s right! Even those who normally do not suffer from particular allergies, may find themselves with strangely dry and inflamed skin. But these are just some of the reasons why it’s really essential to wash new clothes!

After all, many people before you will have tried on exactly the dress you just bought! Store fitting rooms are a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and even lice!

I’ve seen cases of lice probably transmitted by clothing tried on in the fitting room, and there are some infectious diseases that can be transmitted through clothing.”

According to manufacturing expert Lana Hogue wearing new clothes without first washing them exposes us to a whole range of chemicals used in the fabric manufacturing process that are highly harmful to our health.

Although the clothes on display in stores may look clean, they are not clean at all! In fact, there are many mostly unknown chemicals that we risk coming into contact with.

You should absolutely wash your clothes before wearing them, especially everything that is in contact with the skin.”

Fabrics are constantly treated with chemicals and among the most common are sprays that – although harmful – remove any creases from clothes and make them easier to iron. So even so-called “natural” clothes such as 100% cotton shirts are not immune to these specific treatments.

Sweating opens the pores and allows the skin to absorb the chemicals in the clothes”.

We must also remember that most of the clothing we buy is made and produced abroad and that each country has different regulations regarding the use of chemicals in the processing of fabrics.

Among the most harmful: azo dyes-aniline and formaldehyde – used to prevent the formation of fungi and mold – which cause skin reactions and eczema, especially where the fabric rubs against the most delicate parts of our body (neck, armpits, thighs…). In addition, recent studies have shown that formaldehyde would be a carcinogenic substance!

Here is a list of items that should be thoroughly washed before being worn:

Practically 90% of the clothes that we usually buy and wear within a very few hours, teem with germs, bacteria and chemical residues and the risk of contracting infections is high! But don’t worry, there is a solution to everything!

Hygiene and prevention are the watchwords. Against germs and bacteria, experts recommend – especially when it comes to clothes for babies and children – to wash clothes thoroughly in the washing machine and rinse them at least a couple of times before you can wear them safely.

Not all garments need to be washed immediately and thoroughly. In fact, there are garments that can be worn immediately after purchase:

Dear friends, from today you have one more reason to take care of your clothes and especially of your health. We are sure that the next time you enter a store, you will look differently at those clothes you like so much and especially at the fitting rooms where you should try them on!