Jewelry, bijoux and fashion together online

A woman who doesn’t feel her age and loves to be trendy and in step with the times, who loves to give and be given jewelry and bijou on important occasions but also to say “I love you” to a special person.

I subscribe to several fashion websites and I find myself admiring jewelry and cute and brilliant creations, created on the other side of the world, forgetting instead that we Italians are imaginative and creative.

Famous all over the world for our flair in creating trendy objects, not for nothing the fashion world is the field where Italy and Italians excel.

But the site dedicated to online jewelry and bijoux trendiest of the network is much, much more.

First of all it’s a blog, created by a copywriter in Milan and a seo copywriter and, above all, followed by Miss Bijoux who tells us in her diary, in an enthusiastic way day by day, her ideas, her adventures, her feelings, her moods …

Engaging stories in which the jewel, when presented, appears as the concretization of her emotions.

Exciting and involving stories that keep the reader attached to the monitor… is also a portal for online shopping in jewelry, where you can discover the next gift to give, to have given or to give to yourself…

In which every desire is transformed into a purchase and therefore well-being.

And if you do not find what you want, you can always ask for the catalog of jewelry and costume jewelry.

A sparkling stage that the creators of the site have decided to dedicate completely to Circuiti jewelry.

The brand created by Gianfranco Quartaroli, a goldsmith for generations, who decided to bring together the art of the goldsmith, the world of costume jewelry and a passion for sports.

He was the first – and many are already trying to imitate him – to create masterpieces of jewelry and costume jewelry dedicated to the most popular sports: soccer, tennis, motoring, motorcycling, cycling, rugby, but not only…

An innovative Italian brand, able to interpret the new trend of jewelry, design and entrepreneurship made in Italy.

Refined design and essential style, attention to detail and concreteness, exaltation of form and above all substance and the list could go on and on…

The jewels are works in which gold, silver and sometimes steel and many other materials are shaped to evoke sporting achievements, successes, victories …

A true passion told through precious jewels and bijoux, elegant and chic like the person who wears them.

Emotions to wear to tell a decidedly original style.

Probably the first real novelty, after many years, in the almost immobile market of jewelry, very young and modern jewelry also for men who, like us, want to be trendy!