Phone beads, a must have for every fashionista

The phone beads mania is going crazy. Just browse through some social profiles to get confirmation: the chains for smartphones are the must of the moment. Only on Instagram there are 13,956 posts on the subject. These are nice bijoux that hang from the phones of many of the most famous it-girls, Chiara Ferragni in primis. But she’s not the only one. The list is long and also includes many tiktokers – very popular especially among the members of Generation Z – eager, especially in view of the summer, to add a touch of glamor and a splash of color to their look. The cover, therefore, is no longer the only accessory able to dress up the phone – according to the season or to its mood – in a new way.

Many handicraft companies are ready to satisfy every request by customizing phone beads through the combination of lively details that can make each creation original. Besides being beautiful to see, these lanyards are also useful. They allow, for example, to more easily retrieve the phone from the bag and still can be worn – depending on the length – now at the neck or at the wrist in such a way as to be always ready to take pictures, chat etc..

Complicit in the time spent at home, many are opting for the do-it-yourself dabbling with kits containing colored laces, beads, letters, hearts, stars, emoji, tassels etc.. to assemble according to their own tastes. All it takes is a minimum of creativity / craftsmanship to get involved. Here are some solutions to show off one of the coolest accessories of the moment and season your everyday life with a touch of magic.

Customizable chain

This cell phone strap, customizable and adaptable to any model, attaches to the cover and allows you to show off an object of great trend. Handmade by Vero Bijoux Italy, an all-Italian reality, it meets the needs and tastes of each customer by combining colored beads to writings and cute charms in the most disparate shapes (flowers, fruits, etc.).

Do it yourself kit

For lovers of DIY, this practical kit offers everything you need to embrace a new hobby and make with their own hands as much jewelry as personalized phone beads. All playing with fantasy thanks to the colored laces and many colorful charms (there are more than 200) in wood in the shape of letters, stars, hearts, etc.. included in the package.

Chain with beads and charms

This chain, simple and elegant, with its delicate pink beads enlivened by nice decorative elements, allows you to dress up again – but discreetly – the cover of your phone. And why not, you can also wear it, just as if it were a bracelet: you can in fact put it on your wrist to keep your smartphone at hand.