Pochette: secrets and history of a timeless accessory!

A grand soirée accessory, embellished with exotic leathers and, often, studded with beads, jewels and decorations. We are talking about the clutch bag, a must-have in every woman’s closet and a precious ally during the most important evenings and events! Discover with us its history and some small anticipations for next spring-summer 2017!

Events, parties, galas, red carpet, it never fails. What are we talking about? Undoubtedly the queen of evening bags, the clutch bag: an accessory much loved by women, which in recent times is back in fashion with overbearance.

It can be rigid, soft, leather, covered with Swarovski or embellished with some decoration, decade after decade, has become a real must, feminine and classy! This small handbag, that we all have in our wardrobe, takes its name from the English term “to clutch” – “to hold in your hand”. But how was the clutch bag born? Can it be worn only in the evening? The answer to all your questions is that you can never do without a clutch bag, especially for the most important events!

The clutch bag is a fashion accessory that can never be missing in the closet of a woman, on its comfort instead you might have something to say. We can freely say that the best feature of this little jewel is certainly not comfort: inside it we can put the bare minimum and nothing more and, for this reason, the clutch bag is ideal for a romantic dinner, an evening or an important event.

Discover with us its history, what it can be matched with and some small anticipation for the next spring/summer 2017 directly from the catwalks!

The history of the clutch bag begins back in the 1800s, when women used to use small silk bags finely embroidered, called “reticles”, ancestors of what we now call “evening bag”. The reticoli were used to carry small and very few essential things: the unforgettable bottle of perfume, needle and thread, an embroidered handkerchief and salts, in case of possible lack of strength. One hundred years later, the pochette was put aside and then returned to everyone’s attention in the period of the Second World War when, having to deal with the scarcity of resources and rationing of goods, it became popular again thanks to the small amount of material used for its realization.

In the post-war period, particularly at the beginning of the Fifties and Sixties, clutch bags in exotic skins began to emerge: python, manta, and the most popular, crocodile. And although today we women revere large bags, to carry all the things we need during endless days, the evening is a wonderful opportunity to return to the small preciousness, and sharpen our wits: so make way for flexible wallets, mirrors and lipstick-mini, to return to the essential elegance of the pochette. From 2000 onwards, the pochette has experienced a boom for which countless designers have proposed many versions of the most chic evening accessory.

The pochette is a mini-bag made of soft fabric and (almost always) is accompanied by a handle, a strap to fasten it to the wrist, or a thin metal strap. Usually in a rectangular envelope format, soft and flat, it is easier to match than the clutch, is often combined with long and elegant dresses even if there are always more casual models to match with jeans for the day. For the evening is preferable a clutch with bright details, to give a touch of light at night! The clutch is a very small bag, usually rounded, without handles because it is carried by hand, enriched with precious materials and, unlike the pochette, it is always rigid: it has a snap, ring or (rarely) a zipper closure. A bag dedicated to elegant and formal evenings.