The anklet is the accessory of summer 2021. Here are the secrets and the trendiest models!

The anklet is a very personal accessory, and this year, among the summer 2021 accessory trends, it is back in the limelight. But what is the perfect model for you? Discover all the secrets with us!

It seemed to disappear. Instead, the anklet is back in the limelight among the trendy accessories of summer 2021.

The predominant function of the anklet has always been to make the ankles more fascinating, to give a touch of sensuality and femininity to the wearer. All jewelry (earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces) have an origin that dates back to the very dawn of civilization, in times when they were worn for very specific purposes: each type of decoration, in fact, was entrusted with a specific symbolic or religious value.

They were rarely considered as instruments of beauty, on the contrary, they were often an exhibition of power and a sign of belonging to a certain tribe or social class. With a detail like this, it is inevitable that all the attention falls on your feet: keep them well moisturized, and remember to renew often the polish, which must be perfect and shiny.

Friends, are you ready to discover all the secrets behind the jeweled anklet, the trend of summer 2021?

This summer we will see it very often at the beach: we women carefully avoid wearing necklaces, earrings and various jewelry when we are at the beach, except for the anklet, which gives a unique and special touch to the look. The aesthetic value given to the use of the anklet is always in the foreground, although the most fashion and trend conscious women know that behind the choice to wear the anklet there is a deeper meaning.

Watch out, then, because if you are engaged (or otherwise consider yourself committed), popular culture observes that this jewelry is worn exclusively on the left ankle. On the contrary, if you are free from sentimental ties and ready to launch into new adventures, you can wear the anklet on the right. Of course, this is a custom dictated by popular culture but, each of you, is free to follow or not these traditions.

Surely the silver anklet is the most popular model ever: delicate and feminine, it is suitable for those who want to wear a minimal accessory, simple and clean.

Very simple, adjustable and with some small beads is the anklet proposed by ASOS Curve: the beads give this accessory character and personality. Available on Amazon, you will find the 925 Sterling silver anklet by Amberta: refined and with a resistant spring clip instead, the one made by the brand Qiandi (always available on Amazon), is an anklet with a unique design, inspired by the native Chinese culture: it combines animals and decorations, just like the thin pendant at the end of the chain, which falls gently on the foot.

As in many cultures, in India the feet are considered the most humble part of the body. In Sanskrit, anklets are called “Nupura”, a word related to that which indicated the female apartments of the palace: a mysterious place, imagined as the seat of a thousand delights.

In some communities, women wear anklets with large rattles to ward off snakes at their pace, but also to be easily found when not in sight, and both ankles should always be adorned, albeit with different models. Also for protection against snakes, are the heavy tubular anklets worn by Adivasi women, i.e. from tribal communities. Are not recommended anklets made of gold, metal that in the culture represents the goddess Lakshmi, depicted as the goddess of abundance and wealth. On the site of Etsy you will find something for every taste!

Delicate and hyper-feminine: beaded anklets are a great alternative for those who want a special detail on the foot.

If you are looking for a simple anklet, but at the same time with some special and unique detail, the creations of ASOS Design are just for you. With applied beads, these anklets will be perfect to show off at the beach, at the beach, but also at the pool. Full of colored beads and not, you can also find the pendant of a small palm tree or with a cute flamingo. But the anklet can also be much more than just an accessory: the brand South Beach has created this beautiful anklet of friendship. This way, you can share the same little gem with your best friend!