The Preppy Style from the Ivy League to Gossip Girl

The so-called “preppy style” is the clothing of the “good guys”, synonymous with elegance and high-class indicator resumes the style of the students of the most prestigious American colleges, the look of the rich and high-ranking guys. Let’s discover together how this trend has evolved.

The term “preppy” or “prep” refers to a U.S. subculture associated with private preparatory schools, so it spoke of high-class students, wealthy and with a certain style of life and dress.

The preppy style has its roots in the Ivy League, a title that unites the eight most prestigious private universities in the United States: Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmond College, Harvard University, Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania and Yale University. So we are talking about a very high level of both education and money. The Ivy League was also initially strictly Catholic, so the clothing also reflected a certain type of religious belief.

This elegant and composed style was also born in response to the upheavals of Woodstock.

Preppy was born in the 1970s and at that time it mostly reflected the leisure activities done by students, such as polo, sailing, hunting, lacrosse, golf, tennis and swimming. These activities have their roots mainly in England and the English style is very evident in preppy clothing, just think of the stripes, equestrian clothing and nautical references.

For working women on the other hand, preppy style has roots in the 1960s and included low heels, sheath and pencil skirts or tailored, silk or cotton shirts. There were also hints of college preppy style, nautical stripes, pastel colors and equestrian details.

Here are a few tips if you want to try dressing in this style.

The preppy way of dressing made a comeback with the airing of the TV show Gossip Girl. The TV series is loved by young people and has now become a cult, the boys and girls identified with the characters and especially in America wanted to be like them, starting with the clothing. Gossip Girl tells about the youth of the Upper East Side of Manhattan, rich, spoiled and powerful kids. Exactly like the preppies of the 1970s, the protagonists of Gossip Girl attended sporting events, polo matches, galas and attended private schools.

American girls and not wanted to dress like the protagonists, because when you hear the names “Serena Van Der Woodsen” and “Blair Waldorf” the first thing that comes to mind is style, fashion, their deportment and maybe even all the trouble they got into together.

While Serena is more rocker-chic or bohemian, Blair Waldorf perfectly embodies a modernized preppy style, an Audrey Hepburn style adapted to the present day. Today there are hundreds of fashion blogs entirely dedicated to preppy style and in particular to Blair’s outfits, who knows what the members of the Ivy Leauge of the 70s would think of this evolution 2.0!

Some fashion brands stand out for being purely preppy, having created entire collections dedicated to this style: among the best known are Lacoste, Polo Ralph Lauren, Antony Morato and Burberry.

Tommy Hilfiger, on the other hand, is the designer who mainly bases all his collections on the preppy style and is recognized worldwide as the brand that more than any other has brought preppy clothing to the high fashion catwalks, thanks to collections that are highly appreciated by people of all ages and from all over the world. Tommy Hilfiger has even launched a perfume called “Eau de Prep” in honor of this style.

Letitia, 22, is a writer and blogger and lover of anything that can be defined as “art.”

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