If you are looking for the prices of BlackBerry phones in Kenya, you are at the right place.  Blackberry used to be very popular brand all over the world because of the kind of security their phones provided. Today’s Blackberry smartphones run on the Android platform.  These phones are perfect for business people, not only because of their security but also because of their usability.  These phones come with long lasting batteries.  Here, you will find a complete list of Blackberry Phones available in Kenya and their prices.

Latest Blackberry Phones in Kenya And Their Prices

Blackberry PhonesSpecs Price
Blackberry Passport 4.5 inches - 3GB RAM - 32GB ROM - 3450mAh

KSh. 20,499
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Blackberry DTEK 505.2 inches - 3GB RAM - 16GB ROM - 2610mAhKSh. 24,499
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Blackberry Aurora5.5 inches - 4GB RAM - 32GB ROM - 3000mAhKSh. 21,499
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Blackberry Priv5.4 inches - 3GB RAM - 32GB ROM - 3410mAhKSh. 25,999
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Blackberry DTEK 605.5 inches - 4GB RAM - 32GB ROM - 3000mAhKSh. 37,499
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Blackberry KEYone4.5 inches - 4GB RAM - 64GB ROM - 3505mAhKSh. 49,999
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Blackberry Motion5.5 inches - 4GB RAM - 32GB ROM - 4000mAhKSh. 51,999
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Which Company Makes Blackberry Devices?

Blackberry mobile phones were originally products of a Canadian company known Blackberry Limited (formerly Research In Motion or RIM).  However, these phones are currently manufactured and marketed by a Chinese company – TCL Communications.   TCL is now in charge of designing, manufacturing and pushing Blackberry smartphones into different markets across the globe.  Since the brand embraced Android, it has been slowly gaining the popularity it once enjoyed in different markets.

Which Are The Latest Blackberry Smartphones in Kenya?

Blackberry has been struggling to release new smartphones as regularly as the other competing brands like Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi and others. In 2018, the company released only a few phone models into the global market.  Latest Blackberry phones available in the Kenyan market include Blackberry Evolve, Blackberry Evolve X and the Blackberry Key 2.

Why Do People Love Blackberry Phones?

The new blackberry handsets running on Android are impressive. Despite the fact that these phones are slightly more expensive than phones from other brands with similar specifications, there are many people who would use nothing other than a Blackberry. Here are some of the reasons why these phones are loved in Kenya and across the globe:

  • High quality hardware – Blackberry devices are characterized by high quality hardware. The phone’s high quality components make them long lasting phones. If you are looking for a phone that can serve you for a long time without any issues, Blackberry mobiles should be top on your list of considerations.
  • Beloved physical Keyboard – The physical keyboard is still there in some Blackberry models e.g. the Blackberry Key2.  Many lovers of this brand are still attached to this feature.
  • Good battery life – Blackberry mobile phones are loved by many because they come with long lasting batteries. A Blackberry phone can easily take you through a day of moderate to heavy use on a single charge.  This makes them ideal for tough power users.
  • Enhanced security – Blackberry phones have password keeper and built-in encryption that help to make them more secure than other Android powered phones.  This makes them a great chose for people who want to keep the data in their phones safe.

Which Are The Cheapest Blackberry Mobile Phones in Kenya?

You need round KSh 20,000 to be able to purchase the cheapest Blackberry handsets in Kenya. The most affordable Blackberry phones in the Kenyan Market include the Blackberry Aurora, Blackberry DTEK 50 and the Blackberry Passport.

Where Can I Get The Best Blackberry Phones Prices In Kenya?

Blackberry smartphones are available in major online and offline shops. You can get a new Blackberry smartphone in Safaricom shops. Online shops usually have the largest selection of phones. Also, if you are looking for a Blackberry phones at the best prices, you should not hesitate to make a purchase online.

Blackberry Phones

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