Infinix phones are products from Infinix Mobility, a Chinese company that specializes in the manufacture of smart devices.  Infinix is one of the leading smartphone brands in Kenya. The company has research and development centers in different places across the world, including Paris and Shanghai.  There are several Infinix mobile phones in the Kenyan market with impressive specs. Infinix devices continue to grow in popularity in Kenya since they were first launched in 2014.  These phones are loved because of their attractive specs and pocket friendly prices.  Here, you will discover Infinix smartphones available in Kenya and their prices.

Latest Infinix Phones in Kenya And Their Prices

Infinix PhonesPrice
Infinix Smart - 5.0 inches, 1GB RAM, 16GB Internal storage, 8MP back camera, 2MP front cameraKSh 8,500
Infinix Smart 2 - 5.5 inches, 1GB RAM, 16GB Internal storage, 13MP back camera, 8MP front cameraKSh 9,500
Infinix Smart 2 HD - 6.0 inches, 1GB RAM, 16GB Internal storage, 8MP back camera, 8MP front cameraKSh 9,899
Infinix Smart 2 Pro - 5.5 inches, 2GB RAM, 16GB Internal storage, Dual 13MP + 2MP back camera, 8MP front cameraKSh 11,399
Infinix Hot 5 - 5.5 inches, 2GB RAM, 16GB Internal storage, 8MP back camera, 5MP front cameraKSh 11,000
Infinix Hot 5 Lite - 5.5 inches, 1GB RAM, 16GB Internal storage, 8MP back camera, 5MP front cameraKSh 9,800
Infinix Hot 6 - 6.0 inches, 1GB RAM, 16GB Internal storage, Dual 13MP + 2MP back cameras, 5MP front cameraKSh 10,300
Infinix Hot 6 Pro - 6.0 inches, 2/3GB RAM, 16/32GB Internal storage, Dual 13MP + 2MP back cameras, 5MP front cameraKSh 13,800
Infinix Hot 6X - 6.2 inches, 2/3GB RAM, 16/32GB Internal storage, Dual 13MP + 2MP back cameras, 8MP front cameraKSh 13,200
Infinix Hot S3X - 6.2 inches, 3GB RAM, 32GB Internal storage, Dual 16MP + 2MP back cameras, 16MP front cameraKSh 17,500
Infinix Note 4 - 5.7 inches, 2GB RAM, 16GB Internal storage, 13MP back camera, 8MP front cameraKSh 13,000
Infinix Note 4 Pro - 5.7 inches, 3GB RAM, 32GB Internal storage,13MP back camera, 8MP front cameraKSh 19,000
Infinix Note 5 - 6.0 inches, 3GB RAM, 32GB Internal storage, 12 MP back camera, 16MP front cameraKSh 16,500
Infinix Note 5 Stylus - 6.0 inches, 4GB RAM, 64GB Internal storage, 16MP back camera, 16MP front cameraKSh 23,700
Infinix Zero 5 - 5.98 inches, 6GB RAM, 64GB Internal storage, Dual 13MP + 12MP back camera, 16MP front cameraKSh 22,500
Infinix Zero 5 Pro - 5.98 inches, 6GB RAM, 128GB Internal storage, Dual 13MP + 12MP back camera, 16MP front cameraKSh 24,400

Where can I get the best Infinix Phones Prices In Kenya?

Infinix phones are available in all major offline mobile shops in Kenya including Safaricom shops. However, if you are looking for the largest selection of these phones at the best prices, you should not hesitate to check online shops.  Feel free to get yourself the Infinix handset that suits you from trusted online shops in Kenya.

Jumia Infinix Smartphones Offers

You can purchase smartphones from Infinix Online on Jumia.  This is a multi-seller ecommerce website i.e. it has many sellers listing their phones and other products.  Jumia Kenya sends purchased product to different locations around the country.  Whether you are in Nairobi, Nakuru, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret or in any other location in Kenya, your phone purchase will be delivered to you.

Safaricom Infinix Phones Prices

 Safaricom shops sells a limited number of Infinix phone models.  You should not expect to find all the phones you have discovered here in official Safaricom stores.  These shops are found in all the major towns around the country.  Feel free to visit the nearest Safaricom shop to check Infinix smartphone prices.  Keep in mind the fact that you can also use your Bonga point to get a lower price.


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Which Company Makes Infinix Devices?

Infinix mobile phones are products of a Chinese company known as Infinix Mobility.  This company is a subsidiary of Transsion holdings, the company that also own Tecno and Itel brands.  Infinix Mobility has been working hard to expand its presence in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.  This company has been successful in Kenya and Africa as whole because it figured out what the Africa consumer needs.  From the beginning, the company figured out that Africans want smartphones with long battery life, quality cameras, multiple SIM slots and that support local languages. Above all these, the African phone buyers want affordable devices.

Evolution Of Infinix Phones

Which are the Latest Infinix Phones In Kenya?

Infinix has been launching smartphones consistently into the Kenyan market.  We get to witness the launch of new Infinix Hot series phones, Zero series phones and Smart series phones every other month. Latest Infinix handsets in Kenya include Smart 2 HD, Smart 2 Pro, Hot 6X, Note 5, Note 5 Stylus and the Hot S3X.

Why Do People Love These Smartphones?

Infinix mobiles have becomes very popular in Kenya, and in all countries the Chinese phone maker decided to venture into.  There are plenty of reasons why these phones stand out. Here are the key reasons why smartphones from Infinix Mobility are so popular:

  • These phones are affordable – Infinix has some of the best affordable smartphones that you can buy in Kenya. These phones dominate the budget market in the country. Despite being cheaper than similar smartphones from competing brands, they have decent quality hardware and software.
  • All Infinix smartphones run on Android – Most Kenyans prefer phones running on the Android operating system. All Infinix phones are powered by Android.
  • Software updates from time to time – Infinix provides software updates to a good number of their phones from time to time.
  • Quality cameras – Infinix Mobility puts a lot attention on the cameras it puts on its phone models. These phones are cheap but have very impressive cameras. If you are looking for a good quality camera phone on a low budget, Infinix is no doubt one of the brands that you should consider.
  • Impressive design – Infinix Mobility is always trying to keep up with the latest trends in phone design. Most of the phones are impressively designed and some have features found in expensive flagships.
  • Good customer care – Infinix user have easy access to repair and service centers. This is because Carlcare Centers are available in all the major towns in Kenya.  When you have a problem with your Infinix phone, you can take it any these centers for professional help.

Which Are the cheapest Infinix Smartphones In Kenya?

With KSh. 10,000 or less, you can get yourself a quality Infinix smartphone. Cheapest phones are in the Hot and Smart series.  These phones have 1/2GB of RAM and at least 8GB on board storage space. Cheapest Infinix handsets in Kenya right now include Infinix Smart 2 HD and Infinix Hot 6.

Infinix Phones

Top Infinix Phones In Kenya

Infinix Note 5 Stylus

Infinix Note 5 Stylus

The Note 5 Stylus is one of the best Infinix smartphones that you buy in Kenya right now.  If you have always wanted a smartphone that comes with a stylus pen, but you can’t afford the likes of Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Infinix Mobility has your back.  This smartphone does not come with dual rear cameras and other fancy features found in phones within its price range, but it comes with a feature that is not found in many phones in its category.  The pressure sensitive stylus pen that comes with this phone is known as the X-pen.  This accessory is powered and charges whenever it is put inside the phone.

The stylus pen can be used do a lot of cool stuff.  You can use it to tap the phones keyboard, navigate the smartphone’s interface, take notes, make drawings and take screen shots.  The stylus pen is pretty impressive, it does a lot of thing that the S-pen in Samsung Note series phone does.  Well, it is not as good as the stylus pen found in the Note 9, but considering the fact that this phone costs a quarter of the price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, its definitely worth it if you want to have a phone that comes with a stylus pen.

Infinix Note 5 Pro Stylus comes in a metal unibody that feels good in the hands.  The design is good – it looks and feels premium.  It comes with a 6.0-inch full HD display with 18:9 aspect ratio.  The display has good brightness levels and can easily be used under direct sunlight.  This phone is powered by MediaTek Helio P23 Octa Core 64-bit processor paired with 4GB of RAM.  It has 64GB on-board storage space.

The Note 5 Stylus phone is featured in Google’s Android One program.  It runs pure Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box.  Android One means that this Infinix phone will receive timely software updates from Google.

This smartphone has a single camera at the back and at the front. It packs a 16MP camera at the back and a 16MP front facing camera.  Both cameras are AI powered.  The rear camera is accompanied by dual LED flash for low light photography.

A summary of the features of the Note 5 Stylus

Release DateJune, 2018
Weight & Dimensions193g
158mm x 75mm x 8.4mm
Display Size6.0 inches
Resolution1080 x 2160 pixels
CPUMediatek MT6763T Helio P23
RAM & Storage4GB RAM, 64GB ROM
Rear Camera16MP
Front Camera16MP

Infinix Zero 5

Infinix Zero 5

The Zero 5 Pro is remains one of the best phones from Infinix in Kenya. This smartphone is well built with metallic back cover that is smooth and makes it feel premium. The metallic back cover makes it a little slippery, but not as slippery as phones with glass backs.  This smartphone comes with a 5.98-inch display with full HD resolution.  The display is responsive and has good viewing angles.  This device is a little bigger than other devices with similar size displays because Infinix chose not to go with the trendy 18:9 aspect ratio. Nevertheless, it is still an easy to hold and use the Zero 5 in one hand.  If you love reading, watching videos and gaming on your phone, you will definitely enjoy this display.

Infinix Zero 5 run on Android Nougat with XOS v3.0 on top. It is powered by MediaTek (MTK6757) processor clocked at 2.6GHz paired with 6GB of RAM. Clearly, these make it the most powerful Infinix phone we have seen in Kenya since the company made its debut a few years ago.  This phone has a lot of power that an average user will probably not use.  You should expect all your apps to run smoothly without any lags.  This phone has 64GB on board storage space.  A pro version, with 128GB internal storage space is available at a slightly higher price.

The Zero 5 is also a good camera phone.  It comes with dual 12MP and 13MP lenses at the back and a 16MP front facing cameras. It is fueled by 4350mAh battery that supports quick charging.

A summary of the features of the Zero 5

Release DateNovember, 2018
Weight & Dimensions197g
166.38mm x 82.38mm x 7.95mm
Display Size5.98 inches
Resolution1080 x 2160 pixels
CPUMediatek Helio P20
RAM & Storage6GB RAM, 64GB ROM
Rear Camera12MP+13MP
Front Camera16MP

If you want to discover all Infinix phones in Kenya, this is a nice place to start.  We have listed all Infinix mobiles available in the country, their specifications, prices and everything that you need to know.  Here, you will see all the best Infinix smartphones in Kenya and their cost.

Since this company got into the Kenyan market a few years ago, it has been launching new phone models every other month.  Their phones are not only of good quality, they are also among the cheapest phones that you can buy in Kenya. All the latest Infinix phones in Kenya are featured and described in detail on this site. On this page, you will not only learn about phones that are in the market, you will also see older phones that may not be available for purchase anymore.

If you have owned an Infinix phone before, it is very likely that you are here because you loved how the phone served you.  These phones are characterized by good quality displays, big internal storage space with microSD support, good cameras, great battery life, dual Sim support and attractive price tags.

One of the things that has made this brand very successful in Kenya and in different places around the globe is the fact that there is an Infinix phone for everyone.  You can get exactly what you need, whether you want a cheap Infinix phone, or a powerful phone that can handle gaming and other demanding tasks.  Infinix mobiles are also attractive because the company strives to keep up with the latest design trends.

Infinix Phones Categories

There is no doubt that Infinix is one of the most popular phone brands in Kenya in 2019.  Infinix phones are divided into several categories/series.  Below are the categories which Infinix handsets fall into:

  • Hot Series
  • S series
  • Zero Series
  • Note Series
  • Smart Series

Smartphones in the Hot series

Are you looking for an affordable smartphone that can serve your needs? Do you need a phone that can serve all the needs of an entry level user that does not cost a fortune? Well, if your answer to both questions is yes, then you should take a look at the Infinix Hot series handsets.  These phones boast of large batteries, decent rear and front cameras, quadcore chipsets and fairly large HD displays. Furthermore, some phones in this series come with fingerprint scanners, 4G network support and face ID scanner.  Latest phones in this series include:

  • Hot 6
  • Hot 6X
  • Hot 6 Pro
  • Hot S3X

Smartphones in the S series

The S series has some of the best camera phones Infinix has made.  If you love taking photos or selfies, phones in S series may be perfect for you.  Unfortunately, we are not sure whether the Chinese company has discontinued this series. The latest phone in this series was the S2 Pro, a phone that is out of stock in almost all the major online shops.  Hopefully, we will get to see more awesome camera phones in this series launched soon.

Smartphones in the Zero series

If you are looking for the best of what Infinix has to offer, you should not look any further.  The Zero series has the best Infinix mobile phones that you can buy in Kenya.  These phones are not only sleek, they are powered by powerful chipsets, have adequate RAM and exceptional cameras.  Some phones in the Infinix Zero series can compete effectively with flagships from other well know brands.  The Zero 5 is the latest phone in this series. We expect that the Infinix Zero 6 will be launched soon.

Smartphones in the Note series

Are you fan of phones with big displays? If you are, Infinix Note series phones should be your favorite. Smartphones in this series are perfect for people who love watching videos online and offline, gaming and reading on their phones.  Phone in this series usually have large full HD displays. Some of the come with a stylus pen, usually referred to as the X-pen.  If you can’t afford the likes of Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Infinix has you covered. You can own a decent phone with a stylus without breaking the bank.  Note series phones that are currently available in Kenya include:

  • Note 4
  • Note 4 Pro
  • Note 5
  • Note 5 Stylus

Smartphones in Smart series

This series has the most affordable smartphones. These phones have modest specifications, something that you will expect when you take a look at their low prices in Kenya. These phones can serve almost all the needs of an average user. You can listen to music, browse online, capture decent quality photos, read and do a lot of other activities that don’t require a lot of resources. Phones in the smart series that are currently available for purchase include:

  • Smart
  • Smart 2
  • Smart 2 HD

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