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Samsung Galaxy A31, A41 camera and battery specs leak

Samsung Galaxy A40

The Galaxy A31 and the Galaxy A41 phones are expected in March this year. Although the Korean manufacturer has not officially confirmed the existence of the two mid-range phones, multiple sources are providing information that seems to indicate that they may be announced soon. The latest reports from a source in the Netherlands gives the specifications of the camera and battery that the two phones may feature. This comes a few months after information about their specifications and model numbers leaked online.

Rumoured camera and battery specifications of the Samsung Galaxy A31

The Galaxy A31 is expected to feature a 48 megapixels primary sensor at the back accompanied by a 5 megapixels sensor with a macro lens. This information was obtained from GalaxyClub.nl, a popular blog in the Netherlands. This means that the A31 will be better than the Samsung Galaxy A30 as far as cameras are concerned. The latter was equipped with a 16 megapixels primary sensor.

Samsung A31 is also rumoured to feature a 5000mAh battery. This is 1000mAh more than what is found in the Galaxy A30.

Rumoured camera specifications of the Galaxy A41

GalaxyClub.nl also reported that the Samsung Galaxy A41 will come with a triple-lens back camera with a 48 megapixels primary senor. It will be accompanied by a 25 megapixels secondary lens and a 2 megapixels tertiary lens. This makes it a better camera phone than its predecessor, Samsung Galaxy A40. The Galaxy A40 was launched in March last year, and it features a dual-lens primary camera with a 16-megapixels primary lens.

Previous rumours suggest that the Galaxy A31 will have two storage option, 64 GB and 128 GB while its sibling, the Galaxy A41, will have 64 GB onboard storage space.

Samsung has not confirmed any details regarding the two phones. Nevertheless, they are expected in the coming weeks and will sit alongside the new Samsung Galaxy A71 and Samsung Galaxy A51.

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